23 May 2011

Champions League Final 2011 Barcelona vs Manchester United (MU) 3-1 Highlights

Champions League Final 2011 Barcelona vs Manchester United (MU) 3-1 Highlights. Replay of the final Champions League final 2009. Final 2011 Barcelona vs man Utd will take place at Wembley Stadium England, on May 28, 2011. This is the dream final, the final 2 teams that currently dominate in their respective league, Barcelona almost certain to become champions of La Liga Spanish while Manchester United are on top of English Premier League table.

With the facts Barcelona Man Utd above,2011 Champions League Final is like a battle between Spain vs England who each represented two best cl ubs. So certainly, this would be an interesting final, so dont miss the games. In addition, the 2011 final this is a 'final replay 2008/2009 season,' - there are many players on both teams who was then playing in the final which was won by Barcelona. Still with the same coach and ambition who is also the same size.
Barcelona - Manchester United road to final

Barcelona qualify for the finals after the conquest of Real Madrid in the champions league semifinal 2011 was with agregrat 3-1 through two games with very high blood pressure both outside and in the field. Meanwhile, Manchester United (MU) to qualify for the finals after beating Schalke 04 with a landslide agregrat ie 6-1. Of note appearance, nicks goals and consistency of the match to match, Barca and Manchester United did deserve to be in the final.

Statistically team, from the way to the final, Barcelona is superior compared to Manchester United. Based on the data I see on the site of UEFA, Barcelona is more productive than MU in terms of scoring goals in the 2011 Champions League this season. Barcelona has scored 27 goals, while Chelsea scored 18 goals. Apart from the comparison of goals, that's interesting is the control of the ball, Barcelona and Manchester United are both always dominate the game with the ball to the procurement of a dominant, Barcelona (62%), while MU (58%). That is, both are teams that rely on the collective game.

In terms of players, Lionel Messi has definitely become top scorer in 2011 Champions League with a notch 11 goal, while its nearest competitor has been eliminated namely Mario Gomez scored 8 (Bayern Munich) and Samuel Eto'o 8 goals (Inter Milan). Interestingly, the last name ie, Eto'o was the hero of Barcelona in the final of the opening goal in 2009 thanks to Barca's victory over Manchester United 2-0, another goal scored by Messi. Then, if Messi would return a hero victory for Barcelona in the Champions League final 2011? Interesting to watch the action of the mega stars that have been silenced Real Madrid in the semi-finals leg 1 and then this.

Based on statistical data and based on my previous prediction, I would favor Barcelona to win the 2011 Champions League. My prediction, 2011 Champions League Final will take place interesting, both teams are equally strong and both are almost certain to purchase salng attack, because both philosophical thinking about the collective and offensive football. MU actually better off because it lasts finals in England (Wembley), but the final atmosphere will melt factor. Champions League Final 2011 Manchester United vs Barcelona prediction, Barcelona will beat Manchester United with a score of 3-1.

27'    [1 - 0]    P. Rodriguez        
34'    [1 - 1]    W. Rooney
54'    [2 - 1]    L. Messi
69'    [3 - 1]    D. Villa